Pilot sleeves Ø1.5 mm (10 pcs)

Pilot sleeves Ø1.5 mm (10 pcs)

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Pilot sleeve with lip for drilling a hole for a fixation pin. It can also be used as a pin guide when fixing the template to the edentulous jaw. Titanium shavings during drilling do not contaminate the implant bed. Ideal for newcomers to navigational dentistry.

Compatible with:

  • ImplaStation
  • BlueSkyPlan
  • 3diagnosys
  • 3DDX


  • Anti-rotation in the surgical guide template — non
  • Fixation the sleeve in an upright position is a cone-shaped side.
  • Groove for glue — non

Manufactured by: DENTAPLAN (Ukraine)

Article: VP5.15.5.75

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1 package (10 pieces)

Основные характеристики

Inner diameter
Ø 1.5 mm
External diameter
Ø 2.5 mm
7.5 mm


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