About Us

About Us

About us

VOLUMED company was founded in 2013, our goal was: the manufacture of components for navigational surgery, surgical templates, titanium plates, nets, individual cranial implants from PEEK, bioresorbable implants, work was also begun on the production of biocompatible photopolymer for 3D printers.

We have a unique chemical experience. polishing titanium, anodizing, polishing products from PEEK. Specifications and tasks for the manufacture and inspection of manufactured products are developed. Due to this - a very high percentage of product repeatability, which is very necessary during the operation.

At the moment, DENTAPLAN— VOLUMED is a manufacturer of instruments and components for surgical templates. Over 5 years of solid work, we have created more than a million copies of our products, and only 3 of them where returns. We are constantly working to improve quality and receive feedback of our customers. We are negotiating to add our products to the programs for template planning, among them: 3Shape Studio, Impastation, Exocad, coDiagnostX and others.

We produce: sleeves for pilot drilling, master sleeves for the complete drilling protocol, drilling keys, fixation pins for the template on the toothless jaw, drills of different diameters and lengths, pilot sleeves and sleeves of drilling keys. Our clients are large dental laboratories, dental technicians and dental surgeons. We supply products to more than 10 countries.

For the fastest possible delivery, we work with such carrier companies: Ukrposhta, Novaya Poshta, PonyExspress, TNT. As a result, we can make the price and delivery time, for our customers, more convenioent.

Igor Winitski, Products Specialist

We would like to express our gratitude for your continued interest in our products. As a result of our many years of efforts, we were able to create claim parts in our country. Since its inception, we have been specializing in the development of precision instruments and special dental instruments, which is facilitated by the continuous research of precision instruments and innovative technologies in order to contribute to increasing the productivity of our production.Dentaplan, which has established itself as a manufacturer of precision tools in Ukraine and abroad thanks to its technology. We are focused on expanding our business worldwide and are constantly working hard to achieve this goal.

We strive to improve the quality of our products and improve them based on the experience and feedback from our customers.

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