Jul 24, 2019

Individual production


If you did not find suitable products on our website, we can offer individual production.

For that purpose, there should be: ​​STL template file in which the sleeve will be installed, drill diameter, if the drill with a navigation cylinder - cylinder size. For drill keys, the drill diameter is sufficient.

Custom made:

It usually takes 10-14 business days. However, the production time depends on the quantity, labour intensity and the employment of our workers. Terms and conditions will be agreed during the checkout process on Order.

Fixation Pins:

Fixation pins with a working length of 20 mm can be reduced to any size for your needs in a period of 2-4 working days.

Drill Keys:

The drilling keys in the basic form have an internal diameter of 2 mm, but can be increased to the size you need. Production time up to 4 working days, plus 3 days for labeling (negotiated upon order).


Production of the sleeves you need for any planning program. Minimum order of 10 pieces. per position. Duration up to 14 business days.

For a quick response to your request, you can write to us by mail or in a group on Facebook!

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