Jul 24, 2019

Frequently asked questions


I just want to start planning surgical templates, what program would you recommend?

We recommend using planning programs where you can set or change the parameters of the bushings, such as: Implastation, PlastyCad, BlueSkyPlan, etc. This will give variability in the use of bushings, drilling keys, fixation pins and drills in the template.

What programs have your products in?

At the moment, Dentaplan bushings are added to the Implastation program, but can also be added to programs where parameters of bushings are set such as: PlastyCad, BlueSkyPlan and so on.


I am planning a surgical template in a program where it is impossible to set the parameters of the bushings, how to choose your sleeve?

For programs ImplantStudio, Exoplan, etc. where it is impossible to set the parameters of the bushings, we have a wide selection of bushings-analogues that are compatible with such programs.


Where can I see your product catalog?

The catalog and the current price list can be obtained by writing to the mail or in our group on Facebook.

Do you make products yourself?

The entire range of products provided in our groups and website is designed and manufactured exclusively by us.


Can I make a sleeve to order?

Yes, if you did not find a suitable sleeve in the catalog or on the website, we can make it on order up to 10 working days. To clarify the technical aspects of the compatibility of the surgical kit and the planning program, send a letter or message to the group. You can familiarize with more detailed information on individual production on our website.

Dates and delivery

We ship the goods that are in stock on the day of payment. Drilling keys - 1-3 days from the moment of approval of the key size and payment. The rest of the products that are made to order - the time of manufacture and delivery must be clarified with the manager when placing the order. You can familiarize yourself with the methods and terms of delivery for international shipments on our website.

I need to make bushings to order, but I'm afraid to order large quantities?

We are loyal to all our customers and are ready to make 1 copy for free, to clarify the characteristics, refinement and compatibility with the surgical template.

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